MFR Newsletter – February 2017

This month Modern Family Realtor had the privilege to be the keynote speaker at the KPMG Diversity Conference.  We want to thank you for supporting a LGBTQ business and feel lucky to live and work in such a multicultural, diverse and accepting city.

It’s always good to be aware of the latest home and garden trends, especially if you’re looking for ways to make your home more appealing to buyers.  This month’s article highlights a few of the latest trends.

Thanks so much for checking out this month’s newsletter.  Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments regarding the articles, or real estate in general — it’d be great to hear from you!


Keynote Speech at KPMG Diversity Conference 

The Modern Family Realtor team had the opportunity to speak to over 150 people at the KPMG head office.  It was an honour to be selected as a diversity leader and share our message of acceptance and love below.

The world is changing for the good and bad. Even with Trump in power it is even more important to stay united, not divided. We want Jasmine to grow up in a world that is inclusive of everyone no matter your gender, race, sexual orientation, religious belief and political affiliation. Love is love and we believe the world just needs more acceptance and less hate.

If I could leave you with one lesson it is that being who you are and accepting yourself first will make it easier for others to accept you.  Be with who you want to be with, do what you want to do and life will be your oyster.

If Trump has taught us anything it is that anybody, I mean ANYBODY can be president of the United States so what is stopping you from following your dreams and reaching for the sky!

Stay tuned for a video of the entire speech.


The Toronto Real Estate Market Report

Toronto real estate market off to a strong start!

Toronto Real Estate Board President Larry Cerqua announced that Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 5,188 residential transactions through TREB’s MLS® System in January 2017.

This result was up by 11.8 per cent compared to 4,640 sales reported in January 2016.  Annual rates of sales growth were higher for condominium apartments than for low-rise home types.

January 2017 picked up where 2016 left off: sales were up on a year-over-year basis while the number of new listings was down by double-digit annual rates for most major home types.

“Home ownership continues to be a great investment and remains very important to the majority of GTA households.  As we move through 2017, we expect the demand for ownership housing to remain strong, including demand from first-time buyers who, according to a recent Ipsos survey, could account for more than half of transactions this year.  However, many of these would-be buyers will have problems finding a home that meets their needs in a market with very little inventory,” said Cerqua.

The MLS® Home Price Index (HPI) Composite Benchmark price was up by 21.8 per cent on a year-over-year basis in January.  Similarly, over the same period, the average selling price was up by 22.3 per cent to $770,745, with double-digit gains in the average prices for all major home types.

The National Home Show and Canada Blooms

Get inspired at North America’s largest home and garden event!

The annual National Home Show and Canada Blooms must mean that spring is right around the corner!

North America’s largest home and garden event is coming to downtown Toronto this March 10th – 19th at The Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place.2canadablooms

The National Home Show is a great place to visit if you’re looking for home improvement ideas.  Canada Blooms on the other hand offers inspiring and engaging fantasy feature gardens with some of the world’s top designers competing to win coveted awards for their unique creations.

Enjoy the co-location of two world class events — Canada Blooms, North America’s largest flower and garden festival and the National Home Show.  Hope to see you there!

Home Trends for 2017

The new year is a great time to update your living space!

It’s fun to follow the latest home and garden trends, especially if you’re hoping to make your home more attractive to buyers.  Here are a few of the latest trends to look out for:

  1. Shedquarters – A “shedquarter” is a private, backyard spot that can be used as an office, artist workspace or party area.
  2. Docking Stations – Small, pull down desks can be added almost anywhere as wireless technology enables us to shift away from traditional home offices.
  3. Vintage Vanities – Putting your bathroom sink on just about anything is huge this year!  Old dressers, filing cabinets and even tree trunks can be converted into unique vanities.
  4. Laundry Love – Homeowners are giving their laundry rooms some serious love with innovative storage solutions, bright lighting and even stylish wallpaper!
  5. Foodscaping – Instead of traditional vegetable patches, backyards are now being transformed into edible landscapes that include vegetables, berries, fruits and herbs.
  6. Smart Windows – Cutting edge window technology now allows our windows to be programmed according to the weather outside as well as the air quality inside.

Just like fashion, home trends can come and go so it’s important not to overcommit.  Hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration as to what’s coming next, whether you’re thinking of selling or just simply looking to update your home.

Clean Up Your Digital Clutter

Get a jump on spring cleaning by clearing out your digital clutter.

_8s9nemczk0-oliur-rahmanPaper files are often the first items we purge during a spring clean but many times we neglect our digital files.  Kick off your spring clean this year with a deep, digital cleanse:

  1. Get a Pass – Use a password manager to encrypt one master password that can be used on all websites.
  2. Address Your Apps – Uninstall apps you no longer use to clear up space and keep your phone running smoothly.
  3. Manage Mail – Unsubscribe from emails you no longer read and delete old emails or organize them into folders.
  4. Clear Cache – Regularly clear your browser history, cache and cookies in order to create more storage and speed up your browser.
  5. Back it Up – Make sure all of your important files and photos are automatically backed up to the cloud to increase storage space.

This digital cleanse applies to your computer, smartphone and all your social media accounts.  While you’re at it, you should also review your privacy settings on apps and social media platforms to make sure you’re sharing information with the right audiences.



MFR Newsletter – January 2017

Toronto Real Estate News by Paul Chan


Hi there,

Please welcome Ellen Li to the Modern Family Realtor team as our new Marketing Manager. Feel free to reach out this month to get your free marketing and listing consultations if you are planning to sell or buy a home in 2017.

If you’re planning on a renovation, you’ll want to make sure to prepare in advance at it’ll likely get a bit messy and chaotic. This month’s article offers some advice on how to plan your renovation so that things will go as smoothly as possible.

Thanks so much for checking out this month’s newsletter.  Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments regarding the articles, or real estate in general — it’d be great to hear from you!

The Modern Family Team is Growing!

803734224_8128082251109758508Modern Family Realtor is proud to announce the addition of Ellen Li as our new Marketing Manager.  Ellen has a strong background in marketing from Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto.

She has assisted many organizations grow their marketing and social media platform with strong results.  Feel free to connect with Ellen if you are interested in getting your own customized marketing plan for your property in 2017!

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MFR Real Estate Update – May 2016

unnamedBe a part of Modern Family Real Estate – the team that treats clients like family!

Take Advantage of this Hot Spring Market by Listing Today 

In April, housing prices increased 16.2% year over year according to the Toronto Real Estate Board. There are a number of factors impacting this hot Toronto real estate market that could sustain this momentum even further in 2016.  This includes but not limited to low inventory of listings especially for semi-detached and detached homes, ultra low interest rates, foreign investment, low Canadian dollar and high demand from buyers. If you are looking to sell now is typically the best time of the year due the high volume of buyers in the marketplace creating multiple bidding wars.  For example, we listed a property and it sold in one day 111% of listing price. Are you looking to upgrade or downsize your home?  Book a free consult to see how much your home is worth today!

Modern Family Team and Office
We are currently interviewing for the Marketing Manager and Summer intern position at our new office at 1999A Yonge Street.  There is still time to apply if you know anyone who may be interested. Please email me directly for more information.

Tips on Listing your Home
Listing your home is never an easy task.  At Modern Family Realtor we assist you with each step and guide you throughout this lengthy process.  This starts with setting up a listing plan and strategy, getting your HD pictures and videos ready, home staging/inspection and so much more.  Start early by setting up a free consultation.

How Sellers can Prepare?

1.  Start Spring Cleaning and Stage your Home

  • Decluttering is probably the hardest and longest chore to complete when preparing to list your home but very critical.  After that we can assist you with staging your home to make it more attractive to the widest audience.  We then will get professionals to come in to take HD pictures and a virtual tour for your MLS listing and brochure.

2.  Setup a Plan

  • Next we will prepare a strategy on the best time to sell, marketing and pricing. Timing is key and typically the Spring market is the best time for sellers due to the high volume of buyers.  We also have a detailed listing presentation to walk you through this complicated process.

3.   Multiple Offers

  • As your real estate sales representative it is our goal to get you the highest price for your home. Sometimes this includes trying to setup a multiple offer situation. We then will present you with a few different offers in hoping to get into a bidding war and more money in your pocket!

If you are thinking about listing contact me as soon as possible to setup a customized plan.  It is always better to be prepared even if you aren’t thinking about listing for a few months or even a year.

Modern Family Realtor Charities

  • After each sale Modern Family Realtor will donate to a local dog rescue or LGBT charity.  If you have any charities you would like to add to our list please let us know!

As your real estate sales representative and former accountant I can assist you with any of your financial and real estate questions including creating a budget, RRSP Home Buyer’s Plan, Listing presentation, CMA, Buyer/Listing presentation and Income Taxes. Please contact me at 416-705-2444 to book a free consultation or visit our website for more information and listings at

From Your Modern Family Realtor Team – Paul, Ewan and Jasmine

Modern Family Realtor — How to Invest in the U.S. Market?

MFR Real Estate Update – December 2015

Be a part of Modern Family Real Estate – the team that treats clients like family!

How to Invest in the U.S. Market?
MFR’s Florida property has been our most successful investment to date.  With a high capital appreciation and strong ROI each year as a rental property our retirement home by the beach will be ready when the cold Toronto winter soon approaches.  As a former senior tax consultant at Deloitte Los Angeles I want to share with you my expertise on investing in the popular U.S. market.

1.  Why invest in U.S. real estate?

  • Looking for a retirement home, investment property or even a family vacation destination the U.S. market is huge and has many exciting opportunities!
  • Even with the lower Canadian dollar, U.S. real estate is significantly cheaper than Toronto and is appreciating each year, so don’t wait any longer.
  • Snow birds have been doing it for decades to escape our cold winters so why not join in.

2.  How to invest in Florida?

  • First take a vacation to your favourite U.S. destination (i.e. Florida – Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando etc)
  • I will refer you to some top real estate agents to help you with your search.  The process is very similar to Canada except they still have some deals including short sales and foreclosures.
  • If you are a TD Canada Trust Bank customer, join a local U.S. TD Bank and you can merge accounts to get access to your Canadian credit to finance your mortgage.
  • I will assist you with your U.S. tax implications as well as filing your tax returns every year.  It is not as scary as you think.  You just need to file the right forms and pay your taxes which are lower in the U.S.

3.   Are you ready to be a real estate investor?

  • Do you own your principal residence?  Do you have cash and investments to cover a 20% down payment?  Do you prefer owning real estate vs stocks and bonds?  If you answered “Yes” to all 3 questions please give me a call at 416-705-2444 to start the process.

4.  Holiday Brunch Reminder – December 20 12pm – 3pm

  • A celebration for a successful 2015 with all clients, family, friends and referrals!
  • Please RSVP to with your guest names before December 13 to be entered to win a FREE trip and other giveaways.

5.  Winter Incentives

  • Winter is traditionally a slow season according to the Toronto Real Estate Board stats but it could also mean less competition and better value if you are looking for your dream home.
  • New clients who buy or sell with MFR this winter will receive a free all-inclusive trip down south or a $2,000 cash rebate.  Limited time offer.  Sign up before December 31, 2015.

If you have any real estate questions, please contact us at 416-705-2444 or visit our website for more information and listings

Enjoy the holiday season!

From Your Modern Family Realtor Team – Paul, Ewan and Jasmine

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